We aim to provide quality homes in the city of Berlin that are both comfortable and affordable.

As a housing provider, Phoenix Spree fully recognises its responsibility to its tenants and society. We aim to provide a high standard of accommodation at affordable prices, coupled with good customer service. Through a carefully planned programme of long term investment, we seek to raise the quality and sustainability of much needed housing stock in the city of Berlin.

Many of the rental buildings we have acquired and maintain were over 100 years old and were in a poor state of repair. We have invested in these apartments, working in partnership with our tenants to ensure that improvements make a positive contribution to their living environment and quality of life.

Investment can include simple redecoration, new flooring, kitchen and bathroom renewals, improved insulation and glazing, heating and plumbing renewal, as well as electrical upgrades. Communal stairwells and outdoor areas can be improved and, where space permits, bike racks are installed. The buildings’ external facades are also renovated if necessary, helping improve the appearance of the neighbourhood as a whole.

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