Our Approach to Corporate Responsibility

At Phoenix Spree, we are committed to acting responsibly by balancing the different interests of all our stakeholders and capturing this within our Company Values and business model. We strive to strike a meaningful balance between providing a return to our investors and addressing our social and environmental duties. We engage with our stakeholders to ensure we understand differing viewpoints and take this into consideration when making business decisions. We believe that this is the right way to approach business and that it will help us to be a sustainable company that delivers long-term success.

Our business focusses on providing homes that are both comfortable and affordable for people. We often acquire properties that are in relatively poor condition and, through significant reinvestment, we modernise the apartments to improve the standard of accommodation for our tenants and improve the look of the local neighbourhood. Providing good customer service to our tenants and improving the sustainability of housing stock through renovation lies at the core of our business.

In 2018, we reviewed how sustainability is managed within our business and aligned these with the views of our stakeholders and business priorities to create our ‘Better Futures’ Corporate Responsibility (CR) Plan.

Although we recognise that there is more to do, we are pleased with the progress we are making and look forward to communicating this with you via our Annual Report and News.