Committed to acting responsibly 

We are committed to acting responsibly and balancing  the different interests of all our key stakeholders  to deliver a sustainable long-term success.

Our approach to Corporate Responsibility

We strive to strike a meaningful balance between providing a return to our investors and addressing our social and environmental impacts. This commitment is captured within our Company Values and business model. We engage with our stakeholders to ensure we understand differing viewpoints and take this into consideration when making business decisions. We believe that this is the right way to approach business and will help us to be a sustainable company that delivers long-term success.

Our business focuses on providing homes for people, that are both comfortable and affordable. Providing good customer service to our tenants and improving the sustainability of housing stock through financially viable improvement remains at the core of our business.

In 2019, we continued to deliver against our ‘Better Futures’ Corporate Responsibility (‘CR’) Plan, which was launched in 2018. Although we recognise that there is still more to do, we are pleased with the progress we are making.

Corporate Responsibility – Governance

To ensure the successful delivery of our ‘Better Futures’ CR Plan, we have policies for each of the pillars and a governance structure to ensure robust oversight. We are currently developing a measurement framework and look forward to sharing it with investors and partners in the near future.

PSD provides its policies to the Property Advisor and to PSD’s key suppliers and partners. The Property Advisor has, in turn, created its own policies that are aligned with ours. We request that the Property Advisor periodically verifies that it has acted in accordance with the policies. Where the Property Advisor outsources any key functions to other business partners, it has likewise shared the policies with them and requested that they periodically verify that they have acted within the spirit of the relevant policies.

Structurally, the Property Advisor has a CR Task Force that oversees the implementation of the plan across the business. This Task Force reports the progress on the CR Plan, at least twice a year, to PSD’s CR Sub-Committee, which in turn reports to the Company’s Board.

Company Values

Our Company Values mirror our CR Plan and underpin our commitment to acting responsibly. They set guidelines for our behaviours to make good commercial and ethical decisions. We share these with our key business partners who undertake many of the day-to-day business operations for PSD to ensure that their own values and behaviours are consistent with ours.