We are committed to providing good-quality affordable homes with a reliable, friendly rental service to our tenants and a professional service to our investors.

Our tenants are at the centre of our business activity. PSD focuses on providing homes for people that are both comfortable and affordable. We aim to make a positive contribution to our tenants’ personal and social wellbeing, as we focus on living standards and on ensuring that their apartment is a place in which they enjoy living. In 2022, we have continued to make improvements in our buildings for the enjoyment of our tenants, renovating common areas such as staircases and elevators, and providing bike storage and playgrounds where possible. The topic of affordable housing has dominated public debate in recent years and PSD seeks to help with this challenge via providing more conveniently located renovated apartments at pricing that is transparent and fair.

Customer service

Providing a reliable friendly rental service and responding to any concerns in a timely manner are important to building our tenant satisfaction and long-term tenant loyalty, which ultimately safeguards our long-term commercial success. Through the engagement our management agent, Core Immobilien, has with our tenants, and via tenant surveys, we are able to build a clear picture of what is important to our tenants so that we can deliver a high standard of responsible service.

Health and safety

We seek to provide a healthy, safe and secure environment for our tenants and improve the standard of accommodation through renovation and regular inspections to ensure that we are aware of and avoid any hazards. In 2022, we have again had no major health and safety incidents reported across our Portfolio.

Protecting vulnerable tenants

We recognise that some tenants may be more vulnerable than others and our Vulnerable Tenant Policy provides guidance on procedures that should be followed when dealing with tenants who are particularly vulnerable to provide them with additional support and protection.

Informing our shareholders

We are committed to providing a highly professional service to our investors through strong corporate governance and providing timely, frequent and clear engagement with business updates. We have a dedicated investor resource available to address investor questions and to arrange investor visits to Berlin to allow investors to view the Portfolio, meet members of the Berlin team and discuss industry trends with external experts.

Our business partners

Working with the right partners is key to ensuring we deliver the best results for our tenants and investors. We require our partners to share our commitment to high standards of responsibility and treating customers fairly, as outlined in our Suppliers Code of Conduct. Our key policies and Company Values are shared with our business partners annually and they are asked to affirm that they are operating in a manner consistent with our Company Values and standards of responsibility.