We are committed to providing good-quality affordable homes with a reliable rental service and a highly professional service for our tenants.

Our tenants regard their apartment as their home and, to that end, we aim to make a positive contribution to our tenants’ living standards and to ensure that their apartment is a place in which they enjoy living. Where financially viable, we seek to improve the standard of accommodation available to tenants through renovation and providing a reliable, friendly rental service by listening to their suggestions and concerns and responding in a timely manner. In 2019, we added additional bike racks into some buildings where there were a high number of tenants using bikes. We continually monitor this engagement and conduct Tenant Surveys to ensure we are delivering a high standard of service. The survey conducted in 2019 showed a high level of satisfaction amongst tenants.

New tenant survey satisfaction 2019


We have in place a Vulnerable Tenant Policy, which provides guidance on procedures that should be followed when dealing with tenants who are vulnerable, to provide them with additional protection.
We are rigorous in selecting the right partners to ensure they deliver the best results for our tenants and investors. We require them to share our commitment to high standards of responsibility and treating tenants fairly, as outlined in our Suppliers Code of Conduct. We have shared our key policies and Company Values with key partners and suppliers, asking them to affirm that they are operating in a manner consistent with them.