We strive to reduce our environmental impact in our rental properties and in the offices of our key partner, QSix Residential Limited (formerly know as PMM Residential Limited), by reducing our utility use and minimising waste.

Throughout the property refurbishment process, we work with our contractors to minimise the amount of waste by re-using materials, where feasible. PSD is committed to refurbishing our recently acquired apartment complex in Brandenburg in accordance with our CR policies.

In line with our Sustainable Procurement Policy we aim to use products and materials that have a low environmental impact, so long as their technical performance meets the required standards and they are economically viable for refurbished properties. This includes items such as energy and water-efficient fittings and paint that has a Blue Angel award.

Measuring the total utility usage within our rental properties is not feasible as the majority of our tenants have a direct contract with the utility provider which limits our visibility and oversight. Despite not having direct control over much of the properties’ utility usage and waste, our aim is to encourage our tenants to reduce their utility usage by providing them with helpful hints and advice. The electricity supplied to our buildings is increasingly from renewable sources and we have modernised the central heating system in some buildings.

To better manage tenants’ waste, we ensure that tenants are kept well informed about how to properly recycle their rubbish, through periodic letters and visible signage in the bin areas. Many of our properties have been awarded recycling awards.

Given the majority of the day-to-day running of PSD’s operations is undertaken by our Property Advisor, we focus on their offices when reviewing our direct environmental impact. Both the Property Advisor’s Berlin and London offices are fitted with energy saving products, with the latter meeting RICS SKA Silver standards. The Property Advisor has an Environment Champion for each office to encourage employees to reduce their utility usage, improve recycling and reduce the amount of paper used within the business.