The success of our business is based on the expertise,  experience and dedication of our partners and their employees,  as they undertake the day-to-day operations for PSD. 

Our Property Advisor represents the majority of this headcount and has an experienced team of property professionals with long-standing experience of the German residential property market, and is de facto the face of PSD. We therefore believe it is important that the Property Advisor and PSD’s Company Values are aligned and how the Property Advisor treats its employees is consistent with our People Policy.

The Property Advisor is committed to supporting its employees’ personal and professional development via providing access to a variety of training programmes, ensuring employees have challenging work assignments and they receive annual Development Reviews. It promotes a strong work-life balance – and takes the health and welfare of its employees seriously, providing leading health and welfare benefits.

Modern Slavery

Neither PSD nor the Property Advisor meets the criteria requiring the Company to publish a Modern Slavery Statement. Nevertheless, both companies fully support the intentions of the Modern Slavery Act and are committed to implementing systems and controls aimed at minimising the risk of modern slavery taking place anywhere within our organisations or in our supply chains. We have an Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy which is shared with key business partners, who are asked to verify that they have acted in accordance with the policy.


“I have just completed my Level 5 CIPD diploma in HR Management, which PMM Residential Limited has funded for me. They also provided constant support and motivation, helped me with research and gave me time off to study and take the assessments. Achieving the qualification has provided me with more tools to handle my tasks and apply the things I learnt  in my day-to-day job. My independence and understanding of the Company has improved and I am able to apply  my newly developed set of skills to a wider area and really make a difference. The qualification has made a big impact on my professional and personal life.”

Bogna Wleklinska Head of Administration & HR at QSix Residential Limited (formerly know as PMM Residential Limited)