The success of our business is based on the expertise, experience and dedication of our partners and the people who work for them, as they undertake the day to day operations for Phoenix Spree. Our property advisor, PMM, represents the majority of this head count. PMM has an experienced team of property professionals with long-standing experience of the German residential property market and is de facto the face of Phoenix Spree. We therefore believe it is important that PMM and Phoenix Spree’s Company Values are aligned and how PMM treats their employees is consistent with our People Policy.

PMM is committed to having an inclusive working environment and encourages employees to develop personally and professionally via access to a variety of training programmes and challenging work assignments. They take the health and welfare of their employees seriously and believe in promoting a strong work-life balance. Results from their Employee Survey demonstrate that they are meeting these aims and that their employees are very satisfied with how they are treated.

Neither Phoenix Spree nor PMM meet the criteria requiring the company to publish a Modern Slavery Statement. Nevertheless, both our companies fully support the intentions of the Act and are committed to implementing systems and controls aimed at minimising the risk of modern slavery taking place anywhere within our organisations or in our supply chains. An Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy has been introduced and shared with key business partners.