Our Property Advisor, QSix, is our key partner and has an experienced team of property professionals with long-standing experience of the German residential property market.

QSix is de facto the face of PSD. We therefore believe it is important that QSix’s and PSD’s Company Values are aligned and how QSix treats their employees is consistent with our People Policy.

Although PSD does not have its own full-time employees, it does invest in the development of its Non-executive Board, with each Board Member being required to undertake professional training throughout the year. This training is often provided by external third parties with relevant experience, the Property Advisor or other service providers. Each member of the Board also undertakes an annual appraisal.

Valuing our people

Work environment

QSix is committed to having an inclusive working environment that encourages all employees to develop both personally and professionally through having access to a variety of training programmes, receiving on-the-job support and coaching, and having annual Development Reviews.

Work-life balance

The culture is to have a positive work-life balance, with both the Company and QSix committed to the health and wellbeing of all employees. Leading health and welfare benefits are provided, including access to medical and legal advice.

Home working

Post many of the COVID-19 restrictions and challenges, QSix has implemented a hybrid working from home/working from the office model. The most recent (2022) employee survey was helpful in engaging with employees to understand their views on topics such as home working to ensure productivity remained high whilst balancing employees’ needs.

People policies

Neither PSD nor QSix meets the criteria requiring publication of a Modern Slavery Statement. Nevertheless, both companies fully support the intentions of the Act and are committed to implementing systems and controls aimed at minimising the risk of modern slavery taking place anywhere within our organisations or in our supply chains. We have an Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy which is shared with key business partners, who are asked to verify that they have acted in accordance with the Policy.

“I started as an IT Support Engineer in January 2022. QSix management and colleagues have provided valuable support as I have learned so much about overseeing the company’s day-to-day IT operations, and as I continue to build on my professional qualifications. Since my arrival, I have successfully implemented a major IT transformation, moving the offices from an onprem/hybrid environment to a cloud solution. This was fully supported by QSix. Additionally, QSix funded my ITIL 4 – IT Service Management Certification, enabling me to continue to evolve in delivering best IT practices for the business. My focus next is to obtain more cloud computing certifications and to continue to apply this knowledge within the company.”

James Remmer - IT Support Engineer