Our Company Values mirror our CR Plan and underpin our commitment to acting responsibly. They set guidelines for our behaviours to make good commercial and ethical decisions. We share these with our key business partners who undertake many of the day to day business operations for Phoenix Spree to ensure that their own values and behaviours are consistent with ours. 


We act responsibly at all times and expect a high level of integrity from all our partners and their employees. That means we conduct ourselves with the highest ethical standards when partnering with our tenants, suppliers and investors.


We are fair to all our stakeholders, whether employees, partners, investors or tenants and endeavour to balance their different needs. Where financially viable, we seek to improve the overall standard of our accommodation whilst investing responsibly for our investors and addressing environmental and social impacts.


We strive for excellence and continuous improvement. We carefully select our business partners based on their strong industry experience and take a rigorous approach to managing our business and executing our strategy to deliver outstanding results.


We respect and value our partners and the people who work for them as they are at the heart of our business success and the face of our Company with tenants and investors. We believe this will ultimately deliver a better service to our tenants and results for our investors.