Our ‘Better Futures’ Plan provides a framework to manage our existing activities more effectively whilst adding new initiatives to improve our overall sustainability.

We have captured our activities under four key pillars that are integrated throughout our business operations.

Respecting people

Our partners and their employees are at the heart of our business’ success and the face of our company with tenants and investors. Our key partner, QSix Residential Limited (formerly know as PMM Residential Limited), is committed to hiring, developing and retaining highly experienced people.  

Protecting the environment

We strive to reduce our environmental impact by minimising waste during property refurbishments, using products and materials that have a low environmental impact and encouraging tenants to minimise their utility use.

Valuing our customers

Working together with our partners, we provide good quality, affordable homes with a reliable and friendly rental service for our tenants, and a highly professional service for our investors and tenants.

Investing in our communities

By investing in the housing stock and supporting local charities, we help contribute to thriving and sustainable communities.