To ensure the successful delivery of our ‘Better Futures’ CR Plan within our business, relevant Policies have been created for each of the pillars, a measurement framework established to monitor progress and a structure put in place to ensure robust oversight.

Phoenix Spree Policies:

People Policy

Suppliers Code of Conduct

Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy

Community Investment Policy

Environment Policy

Privacy Notice

Sustainable Procurement Policy

Statement on Tax

We share the relevant policies with PMM, who have created their own policies, aligned with ours. We request that PMM periodically verifies that it has acted in accordance with the policies. Where PMM outsources any key functions to other business partners, it has likewise shared policies with them and requested that they periodically verify that they have acted within the spirit of the relevant policies.

Structurally, PMM has established a CR Task Force to oversee the implementation of the plan across the business. This Task Force reports the progress on the CR Plan, at minimum twice a year, to Phoenix Spree’s CR Sub-Committee, who in turn reports into the company’s Board.