The Property Advisor has historically focussed its acquisitions on properties which were built before 1914 (Altbau) or after 1990 (Neubau).


Typically, properties consist of fewer than 40 apartments. The Property Advisor believes that renovated Altbau properties are good long-term investments as the period features of these properties are demanded by tenants and potential buyers.

Neubau properties, in the Property Advisor’s view, benefit from modern construction standards and, as a result, typically have lower maintenance and renovation costs. There are no pre-fabricated properties (Plattenbau) within the Portfolio, nor any properties located in large social housing complexes. The majority of properties in the Portfolio are located in residential streets in either city centre or suburban locations.


The chart below shows the breakdown by age of properties within the portfolio as at 30th June 2017.

Emp 4_730px.jpg

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